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> TCP/IP Access Control Panel
Products Description:
TCP/IP Access Control Panel: ZUDSEC's access control management System integrates and optimize the automated control of...

- Conventional Function: offline operation; real t...

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> ZD8000
> Standalone Access Controller -Touch Keypad,Waterproof
Products Description:
Standalone Access Controller: Touch panel, backlit,Waterproof design, Read EM,HID card...

- Aluminium alloy case, waterproof, fully potted, meets IP-65 waterproof standard
- Touch Panel b...

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> Standalone Access Controller-Touch Panel
Products Description:
Support EM-ID/Mifare or Password Mode;Build-in access controller and Digital keyboard Manager, suppports 1000 users...

- Support EM-ID/Mifare or Password Mode
Build-in access control card re...

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> ZDAC-100T
> Metal Shell Access Controller -Waterproof
Products Description:
Metal Shell Waterproof Reader/Controller: IP68, Zinc alloy case, anti-Vandal, 2000 Users, supports Card, PIN, Card + PIN...

- Waterproof, conforms to IP68, Backlight keys
- Exquisite designs with non-masking Metal shell <...

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> ZDAC-2500W

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