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Wired PIR Detector: ZDD-216PIRM
Inner Structure
Multi-Angle View

Wired MW & PIR Complex Intrusion Detector


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- Adopts Dual PIR & MW Technology
- Pet-immunity up to 25kg, reduce false alarm.
- Tamper switch
- Fireproof ABS housing
- LED ON/OFF optional

Wired MW & PIR Complex Intrusion Detector: Adopts Dual element PIR and MW Technology ( active/ passive infrared & microwave & intelligent technologies ),  Advanced true motion recognition and pet immunity technology to avoid interference. Unique water-proof design can be used indoor/outdoor for industrial, commercial and residential security.

Another optional model:  ZDD-216PIR without Microwave function. 

- Adopts Dual PIR & MW Technology, Microwave detection range adjustable
- Pet-immunity up to 25kg, reduce false alarm.
- Tamper switch: it will send alarm signal if cover is disassembled
- Fireproof ABS housing
- LED ON/OFF optional
- Automatic temperature compensation
- SMT adopted, anti-RFI & anti-EMI
- Pulse count optional
- Alarm output N.C

  • Operating voltage: DC 9-16V
    consumption current: less than 18mA(DC12V)

  • Operating temp.: -10 to +50°

  • Installation mode: wall mounted; installation height: about 2.2m
    Detecting distance: 12m

  • Detecting angle: 90°

  • Alarm output: N.C.

  • Dimension: 89*52.5*38.5mm; Packing box: 8.2*5*4.1cm ; Weight: 0.12Kg/pc

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box