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Electric Bolt for Full Frameless Glass Door: ZDL-5818
Electric Bolt for Full Frameless Glass Door: ZDL-5818M
Electric Bolt for Full Frameless Glass Door: ZDL-5818S
Multi-Angle View
Multi-Angle View

Electric Bolt for Full Frameless Glass Door


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  • Low Temperature, safe & Durable.

  • Low Power, Environmental Protection.

  • Design without Mechanical Failure.

  • Superior Strength Aluminium Alloy,Solid Stainless Steel Bolt.

  • Adjustable delay

  • Suitable for: fully frameless glass door

Electric Bolt for Full Frameless Glass Door: Adopt high quality materials, stable & reliable, DC12V, ZDL-5818 is specially designed for frameles glass doors (without up & down frame), used by matching a bracket, and is convenient to match with automatic door. Time delay setting can keep the bolt open/close status in a certian period. So when it connects to access control, it can make some employee enter or exit the door simultaneously. It also can check the position of lock and door.

- Optional Lock model: 

* ZDL-5818S: Stailess steel,  Power-off to open

Dimension:  L148xW43xH39(mm), Packing size:18.5X10.5X6CM,1.3KG

* ZDL-5818S: Zinc alloy, Small size.

Dimension: L148xW43xH39(mm) 

- it's specially used for full frameless glass door (without up & down frame)
- Safety mode: Power-on to lock;
- Adjustable delay: 0 Second, 2.5 Seconds, 5 seconds optional.
- With NO /NC output(Connect NC, fail safe; Connect NO, fail secure).
Signal output: Door state, Lock state.

Electric Bolt for Full Frameless Glass Door(图1)

  • Input Voltage: 12VDC

  • Current: Start 0.9A, Standby: 0.25A

  • Delay times: 0, 2.5, 5 Seconds optional

  • Cylinder diameter:12.5; Lockpin length:15.0±1.0mm

  • Product Dimension: 170*49*43mm(Bold); 170*49*30mm(Magnet)
    Bolt diameter: 12.5mm;  Bolt length: 15.1mm
    Packing size: 190*90*55mm; Weight: 1.2Kg 

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box