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Emergency Release Button: ZDF-101RL
Emergency Release Button: ZDF-102RL
Emergency Release Button without LED & Buzzer
Multi-Angle View
Multi-Angle View
Multi-Angle View
Multi-Angle View

Resettable Emergency Exit Button -With LED and Buzzer


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  • Fireproof material

  • With Buzzer & Indicator function

  • Buzzer: Set as silent, interval buzzing, or continuous buzzing

  • Indicator: Dual-color (red and green), Red indicator to set blinking, off or on.

  • Contact Output:  NO/NC/COM,(Maximum load of 125V/3A)

  • Power Supply: DC12V~DC 24V ±5%

  • Suitable for Exit door, Emergency door, Escape vent

Resetable Switch Call Point:  Fireproof material, Easy to use, Resetable design with Built-in Buzzer status and Dual-color (red and green) indicator.  It's widely use for all types of fire alarm and Access control system.

-Optional Economic model: ZDF-102RL

- Case has a variety of colors to select.  (Recommand: Red case for fire alarm and Green case for access control).

- Resetable design, obvious indicators around the edges of the unit.

- Press the pressing plate to set the red indicator.

- Pressing plate with status (green and red) shown.

- Reversionary key with non-slip design.

- Built-in buzzer status to set as silent, interval wailing or continuous wailing. Volume is adjustable.

- Input power range from DC12-24V to connect with all types of fire alarm system.

- Easy to assemble, outer case without screws, 3 set of output points to connect other equipment, embedded or surface installations to select

Standard Structure Fireproof   Material, Easy to install
MaterialABS,   PC ( transparent slip case)
SurfaceSurface   Mount
Operation currentDC   12V/10mA(Standby)/50mA(Operation) (±5%)
DC 24V/11mA(Standby)/64mA(Operation) (±5%)
OutputN.O.N.C.&COM,   Output(Maximum load of 125V/3A)
Power SupplyDC12-DC   24V (±5%)
BuzzerSet   as silent, interval wailing or continuous wailing
IndicatorDual-color(red   and green)
Red indicator to set blinking, off or on
Color Red,White,Green,Orange,Yellow,Black,Blue   etc

Resettable Emergency Exit Button -With LED and Buzzer(图1)

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box