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 Stand-Alone Access control: ZDAC-100

Stand-Alone Access controller


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  • RF Access Control with built-in card reader
  • Availability capability of card: 1000 users
  • Open modes:Card,Card+ PIN, PIN
  • Card Type: EM ID
  • With Doorbell Key
  • Application: Office building,Community, Apartment,Government,Bank,etc

Standalone Access Controller: This Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) access controller is the 3rd generation controller. With newly added functions it is one of the most advanced standalone access controller. The controller is built on powerful modern Central Processing Unit. It manages up to 1000 card holders, and access mode can be set to Authorized Card Only, Authorized Card or Public PIN and Authorized Card + Personal PIN. 

- RF Access Control with built-in card reader(ID type): 125Kz, EM card;
- Availability capability of card: 1000 users, 
- Appearance,Siver Frame, Black Panel. Smart and steady
- Open modes:  Card,Card+ PIN, PIN
- Has 1 door button Port and 1 doorbell Port;
- Has 1 Relay  output and 1 PUSH (low) output;
- Has anti-tamper function and safely operation mode;
- Application: Office building,Community, Apartment,Government,Bank,etc

Item Specification
Operating voltage DC 12V±10%
Operating current <100mA
Dimensions 125mm×84mm×23mm
Weight 300g
Ambient temperature -20℃~70
Relative humidity 20%~80%
Storage 4000users
Card type (alternative) EM(ID)   card(IC card for options)
Card reading distance 15CM

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box