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Big Capacity Access Control: ZDAC-200BW
With Remote for programming
Big Capacity Access Control: ZDAC-100B

Stand-alone Access Controller -Big Capacity


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  • Waterproof(IP68), moistureproof, durable

  • Big Capacity up to 10000 users

  • NEC relay

  • Data backup output/input

  • WG26 output/Input

  • Support Relay toggie mode/Reader Mode/Stand-along access mode

Super-Big Capacity Access Control:  IP68 waterproof design, WG26 output/Input, Super-big Capacity up to 10,000 cards. The high security and more powerful feature make it an ideal choice for door access.  By Master card for programming, it is so user friendly that anyone can use it.

10000 RFID card users. With the flexible user capacity, it is suitable to be installed from small house such as personal rooms, shops, office to public place such as large factories, companies.

-Optional model: ZDAC-100B

- Capacity: 10,000 card users     
- Can be used as WG26 reader         
- Can connect external EM/HID WG26 output reader       
- Two units can be interlocked        
- Can realize Anti-passback function for single or two doors
- Can add consecutive user cards
- Can set master add card/master delete card
- Rainproof, moistureproof, durable
- Data backup output/input: Send the data to external device, or receive the data from external device.
- Relay toggle mode: After unlocked the door, users should read the card again or press exit button to lock the door,

 RFID users10000
 Supply Voltage 12VDC±10% 
 Sleeping Current <20mA
 Stay Current <30mA
 Temperature -15ºC-60ºC
 Humidity 20%RH-95%RH
 Lock output load capacity 3A
 Alarm output load capacity 20A
 Waterproof IP68
 Dimensions 115L*56W*22H(mm)
 N/W 300g
 G/W 3500g

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box