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Zigbee Super Center Control Panel: ZDSM-T1E
Up to 100 Sub Devices Available
Remote App Smart Control
Work with Curtain Motor

Zigbee Touch Screen Center Controller -Wireless Connection


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  • 4-inch HD LCD, IPS, multi touch screen

  • Dual array microphone with noise reduction

  • Auto light sensor, built in1W speaker

  • ZigBee gateway function

  • APP remote control.

  • OS: Android 8.1

Zigbee Touch Screen Center Controller-Wireless Conntion: Android version, Smart multi-control touch screen panel, use as a ZigBee Gateway for adding all kinds of Smart Life ZigBee devices conveniently. Up to 100 sub devices available, Brightness auto-adjustment featured. Seamless smart ZigBee devices integration, enjoy your smart life.

Zigbee Touch Screen Center Controller -Wireless Connection(图1)

Zigbee Touch Screen Center Controller -Wireless Connection(图2)Zigbee Touch Screen Center Controller -Wireless Connection(图3)

- Compatible with European standard wall boxes, simple inwall installation.

- 4-inch HD LCD, IPS, multi touch screen, Dual array microphone with noise reduction, Auto light sensor, built in 1W speaker.

- ZigBee gateway function, APP remote control.

- Control the lights, curtains, air conditioners, and all other smart home devices. Configure Smart Home scenes in the APP, turn on the scene mode with one touch on the screen.

Product ColorWhite
Network WiFi
Operation   SystemLinux system
AppSmart Life
Wireless   networkZigBee, Bluetooth
Screen4 inch 480*480   Multi-touch
CPUPX30 Quad core   Cortex-A35
Music PlayBuilt in 1W Mono   speaker, Support local music source play, online music sources optional.
Light sensorAutomatically adjust   the screen brightness according to surroundings
Microphone   & SpeakerYes
Supports   ZigBee Sub Devices100+
In-wall typeEU and CN  Standard
Product  dimension (mm)86x86x10.5mm
Product weight   (g)210g

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box